Excerpt from “The Mended Fence” by James Fant

Grey’s brow was raised as he made his way to the
front porch. Buzzed, yet collected, he connected with
the front steps. And that’s when he heard it.
“Oooooooh.” Moans coming from the other side of
the front door.
“Oooooh, Ahhhhhhh.” Wild, desperate moans,
seasoned with grunting; feral, heady moans, hefty
cries of zeal and excitement.
And that’s when he saw it through the front glass;
the micro-braids Zion had become famous for
bouncing freely atop her bare shoulders as she
made sweet love to an unknown brother. Huffing and
puffing. Grunting and grinding. Curse words and
carpet burns.
The two lovers strove with each other like two wild
beasts chafing each other with reckless abandon
amongst the briars of the thicket, speaking to each
other in some unknown speech, not speaking any
words recognizable, mumbling actually. Their
members becoming entangled, in fact.
A few stomps of the work boots later, Grey found
himself searching under the front seat of his truck for
his gun.
“Got it!”
Cocked it!
No diamond for Zion. Lead would have to do.
Bloodshed was inevitable.
Then he thought about it; how she was forgiving of
his mischief, pardoning of his misgivings. He didn’t
want to kill her. She didn’t deserve death nor did the
unknown brother whose sweat was drenching her
flesh. And then Grey’s mind began to wind every
“I don’t wanna lose my wife. Have I lost her
already? I can’t take her life; that would be like
taking my own breath, stealin’ my own soul. I need
her. I NEED her; to get her back, to win back her
affections. I have more questions than anyone can
answer. What will I do if I can’t have her?!!!”
And it all built within Grey and ultimately, as his
sports watch beeped midnight, he let out a
deafening yell and let off seven earsplitting,
thunderous shots from his glock that pierced the
dark sky, leaving his left hand trembling, tremulous,
Wickedly, into his truck he hopped, not caring at all
about who heard the shots.
And then, things seemed to move at speeds so fast
that he could only hold on and abhor the ride ahead
of him.
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