Five Hundred Pounds of Truth: How Powerful Are You, Really?

ImageHow much weight can you lift?  If you were able to benchpress 500 pounds you’d be pretty physically powerful.  But what about mentally or spiritually?

I like to define “power” as the ability to excert positive force or energy regardless of the negative force or energy applied.  Pushing those 500 pounds up from your chest requires power. So does maintaining positivity regardless of the circumstance or present company. For example, have you ever walked into room, saw someone you didn’t particularly like, and felt a little less happy? Or have you ever wished that a coworker didn’t show up to work one day; that they took a sick day or got ran over by a bus? If that’s the case, if you can’t have an excellent day unless someone is absent, you’re not as strong as you could be.

I once thought that the correct attitude to have was “I don’t care whether that person is here or not. I’m going to have fun regardless.”
But I’ve learned that the better attitude to have is to honestly care about the person, hope to see them in peace, appreciate their good qualities (believe it or not, everyone has good qualities). And if they’re still negative, say oh well and love them anyway.  Is that easy to do? No way! But benchpressing 500 pounds isn’t easy either. Not until you train yourself to be powerful enough to do it.


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