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The Word admonishes us to strengthen others after we have been strengthened. I am going to do that now. I have found strength after reading “Produced by Faith,” a powerful testimony written by Devon Franklin. So now I want to strengthen someone else.

Devon goes into great detail about the inner workings of the film industry and draws several parallels to how his knowledge might be beneficial in other disciplines.  I found myself immediately applying the tools that Devon laid out about how to be truly successful vocationally. But the book doesn’t stop at the job. Readers can apply the tools laid out in all aspects of their life.

“Produced by Faith” was written in such a way that even a non-believer can apply the tools that Devon laid out in the book to their lives.  One of the major themes of the book was purpose. Why do you work? What are your goals. Chasing money is an empty goal. Your goal should be to enrich the lives of others. As I read the book I found myself hustling harder at work, taking more ownership. The needs of my team became my goals. I asked myself, “How can I facilitate? How can I be a blessing to someone else?” As a result of reading this book, my passion for seeking the wealth and well-being of others increased exponentially.

The take home message of the book for me was to make your faith central to work, home, church, everything.  Your faith is actually an asset, empowering you to be intelligent and honorable no matter the setting. The scriptures admonish us to seek the Kingdom of God first and all other things will be added for us.  Devon Franklin drove that point home extremely well.


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