Forgiving Others Actually Benefits You

Hating someone is similar to being strapped to a table with a high definition TV right above you, showing life with great clarity moving on without you.   Imagine harboring hatred for someone in such a way that your mannerisms change when they enter the room; even at the mention of their name.  Now imagine that the person you hate is totally unaware of your hatred.  Wouldn’t that be an utter waste of your time?

A portion of your life is on pause when you hold grudges.  Blessings that would otherwise be very clear to you become obscured by animosity.  In some cases, you can’t even hear the voice of God speaking to you and guiding you to perfect peace because of bitterness and lack of forgiveness.  But to forgive someone is to be free.  Forgiveness is actually more for your benefit than for the person you are pardoning. 


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2 Responses to Forgiving Others Actually Benefits You

  1. DaphineR says:

    What an awesome message, James!

    People go to great lengths to improve their health by seeking counseling, taking all kinds of meds and other unnecessary things when all they need to do is look deep inside to see that they are carrying something they should’ve let go years ago. Thanks for posting this.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. When its all said and done, I think we’ll find that the solution to all of our problems was the simplest solution that we often overlooked while seeking out complex temporary fixes. Some may say that its not easy to let the past go. I feel that it is as easy as you allow it to be.

      Be blessed.

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