I Write With My Heart (the process)

My writing process is very simple.  The story starts off as divinely inspired idea.  Then I outline the entire story, trying to be as brief with the outline as I can be.  Then I just write.  And I mean I don’t sit at my laptop and think about what I’m going to write.  I just write. 

One of my favorite movies is “Finding Forester,” with Sean Connery and Rob Brown. In one scene, William Forrester (Connery) and Jamal Wallace (Brown) were sitting at their type writers. Forrester starts typing away while Wallace just sits there.  He tells Forrester that he’s thinking.  But Forrester replied that the first draft is written with the heart. The second draft is written with the head. 

When I’m in writing mode I really don’t think about what I’m writing at all.  I have the story in my head and I just let my subconscious go to work.  And what I really love to do, especially if I don’t have to get up early the next morning, is to write late at night.  I like to see what I come up with in the haze of sleepiness. Sometimes when I get up in the morning, I’m pleasantly surprised by what I wrote.  There are some words, phrases, plot twists, and endings that my mind would definitely tell me to avoid if I’m writing earlier in the evening. After midnight, I write with my heart primarily and include every intimate detail of my experiences and thoughts. I usually come up with something pretty cool. Or I end up writing something really crazy, get a real good kick out of it, and file it away in a folder named DO NOT USE.


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