One Key to Happiness: Stop Overlooking Your Help!

Have you ever felt completely overwhelmed and totally unsure about your future? Have you ever felt like your efforts were all in vain? I’ve been there and I imagine that we’ve all been there. Some of us even go through the vicious cycle of certainty and uncertainty where your high and happy times are overshadowed by the lows.  So you might as well be completely overwhelmed at all times.

But I’ve found that the problem of being overwhelmed stems from a habit of overlooking your help. Isaiah 26:5-6 from the Message Bible states

“People with their minds set on you, you keep completely whole, Steady on their feet, because they keep at it and don’t quit. Depend on God and keep at it because in the Lord God you have a sure thing.”  Many snarls and snares arise in our lives to occupy our minds and divert us from the truth.  Jesus is our help. If we trust in Him we have access to His infinite wisdom and innumerable resources. The resources that He has at His disposal are uncountable!  He keeps you completely whole because there is absolutely nothing lacking in Him.

Knowing that God has everything that you need, it is critical to adhere to the latter portion of those verses in Isaiah 26. “Keep at it and don’t quit.” This is where problems arise. If we don’t see instantaneous results we sometimes get discouraged. But if everything came instantly, there would be no need for a scripture that says “Keep at it and don’t quit.” Jesus used seeds and harvests in several of his parables. No seed sprouts overnight. However, from the moment a seed is planted, processes start occurring under the surface of the soil. And likewise, everything we do has a process associated with it. Some processes are longer than others. But no matter the length of the process, we can be confident in the knowledge every action in God leads to progress.

So what do we do to avoid the rut if uncertainty and feeling of failure? It all starts with the mind. Our minds must be set on God. That means that every action, deal, plan and purpose must be rooted in Godliness. Read God’s word to see what it says about your situation. And after you acquire that knowledge, apply it without distraction and deviation. “Keep at it and don’t quit!”


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