The Beauty of Blue Roses

A blue rose is breathtakingly beautiful, unmistakably noticeable, and powerfully intriguing. That also describes Dallas Marcel, the main character of the novel “Blue Roses.” She’s beautiful, noticeable and intriguing. But she’s also annoyingly stubborn and independent to a fault. But she has a very good reason to be that way.  Tyler Hollister is her knight in shining armor, the man that rescues her after a horrific tragedy that author Sharon C. Cooper hits you with in the first few pages. But Tyler is also her nemesis in a way because Dallas has a powerful sexual and emotional attraction to him despite the fact that she’s afraid to enter a serious relationship. If you want to know why she’s afraid, you’ll have to read deeper into the novel.

The theme that jumps out at me throughout the book is the complexity of a romance. Dallas and Tyler have love for each other. But the timing isn’t right. They are attracted to each other. But past issues are in the way. So many odds are stacked against them: sultry distractors, shady acquaintances, painful memories. And oh yes, danger is in the air as well. Time will tell if Dallas and Tyler can beat the odds.

Sharon C. Cooper weaved a truly interesting tale and I look forward to reading more of her work.

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