Stephen King’s Time Machine

The novel 11/22/63 is really a hand held time machine that Stephen King uses to immerse readers in a world where words written on paper or displayed on touch screens transform into lively surroundings and unforgettable characters.  I will never forget Jake Epping, the adventurous English teacher that travels through a worm hole found in a diner’s pantry to 1958 so he could right several wrongs: the brutal murder of a family, a paralyzing accident, and the assassination of JFK. 

Jake Epping learns a valuable lesson while spending a considerable amount of time in the late 1950s and early 1960s. Causality is far too powerful and mysterious to manipulate. He also learns lessons about love. Ah yes, there is a love story embedded in the novel as well; a completely endearing account that will satisfy the most diehard romantic.

In all, 11/22/63 was thoroughly researched and excellently written. And I most certainly will read it again.


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