And I Mean Complete!!!: My Review of “The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing”

The Complete Guide to Self-Publishing is an empowering collection of information that covers the entire gambit of writing and publishing. It talks about the formulation of the idea, the writing process, printing options, what to do before your book comes off the press, options for print on demand (an attractive option with a small entry fee), and post-print activities. It covers marketing, how to connect with media outlets, what to say when you appear on media outlets. It even covers approaching larger publishers for subsidiary rights.

The appendix includes a handy step by step guide you can follow during the different stages of publishing. I’ll spend a lot of time in the appendix of the book, putting the instructions to practical use.

I learned about serious pitfalls to avoid while reading the guide and I have made better business decisions because of that knowledge. I also learned about creative ways to create capital. This book lists 31 ways to raise capital for book publishing. I only wished that the guide spent a little more time on fiction. It seemed to concentrate more on non-fiction or self-help books.

Nevertheless I enjoyed the book and will use it as tool for years to come. I’ll even buy new editions as they become available.


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