The Artist – My Review of Jazz by Cristian Mihai



“Bartenders were pouring drinks into glasses, releasing a strong miasma of liquor into the air.” – Jazz (Kindle Locations 48-49). Cristian Mihai.

That’s the first sentence of the novel and after that I was hooked. Well, the cover actually hooked me first. Like a beautiful woman, I looked at the cover and wanted to get to know the book a little better. And then I was treated to that first sentence and I knew that I was going to enjoy the rest of the story. Jazz did not disappoint me.

The story is about Chris Sommers, a writer trying to find his muse while dealing with an unhealthy attraction to his cousin’s fiancée Amber.  She’s more than just beautiful to Chris. She’s something of a goddess. Well, he puts her on that pedestal. Amber seems to have no real redeeming qualities other than her beauty and nearly every man that knows her well tries to talk Chris out of his infatuation. Some even feel sorry for him. Nevertheless Chris follows Amber all the way to Paris, where he finds out things about her that he may not have wanted to know.

Cristian Mihai paints a beautiful picture for the reader. He’s a very descriptive writer who not only describes the scenery in such a way that envelops the reader, but he also paints a vivid picture of the players.  Readers will feel Chris and Amber’s emotions and perhaps even pity them. Jazz is a well written work and Cristian Mihai is definitely a talented artist. I look forward to reading more of his works.


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