What Did I Get Out of “1001 Ways to Market Your Books” by John Kremer? Everything—For Now.

1001I know that is a long title for a review. But it is a really long book, filled to the brim with tools and information for book marketing. John Kremer pooled his extensive research and experience into a voluminous guide that he encourages readers to highlight, note, and litter with Post-Its.

Each chapter is broken down into sections filled with loads of material. Each header’s type is boldface which makes it easy to locate pertinent information.  And each marketing tool is conveniently numbered.  Kremer makes it easy for authors and publishers to use the book as a daily reference.

“1001 Ways…” tells authors and publishers how to build their products and place them properly, how to care for customers, and how to build strong relationships with distributers, marketers, and media outlets. It details approaches for opening new markets and even talks about methods for creating New York Times and Amazon Best Sellers, giving testimonials from authors and publishers that have created successful bestseller campaigns.

I got everything that I needed from this book—for now. I say ‘for now’ because book business and communication trends are ever evolving.  And I’m sure, or at least hopeful, that John Kremer will publish subsequent editions that will deal with those evolutions.


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