We Fall Down (Review of Tempted by Trouble by Eric Jerome Dickey)

tempted by trouble

Dmytryk Knight was on top of the world. He had a prestigious white-collar career with a six-figure salary. He was married to beautiful woman who made a lot of money as well. He owned a beautiful townhome in a great section in Detroit. Then the recession hit and jobs were lost. And all of a sudden Dmytryk and his wife Cora found themselves doing the unimaginable to make ends meet, to try and stay on top of the world.  Perhaps the problem came from Dmytryk and Cora’s definition of success, their vision of what it means to be on top of the world.

Eric Jerome Dickey turns romance to classic tragedy in his novel Tempted by Trouble. Dmytryk travels down some pretty dark roads and meets even darker characters. These characters are ruthless killers and heartless thieves and life starts to look very different for Dmytryk. He finds himself close to doing the unthinkable: becoming one of them. But that was a part of his downfall. He let circumstances define his status. And because he allowed the material world to define his status it was pretty easy for him to fall down. The question is will Dmytryk realize that he can get back up before it is too late. Will he be able to save himself and maybe even his wife?

Eric Jerome Dickey is without doubt one of my favorite story tellers. He diligently researches traits and places so his stories are so authentic. You feel like you’re in that getaway car racing through the streets of LA. You can see the snowflakes falling around the vehicle as you cut through a blizzard in a small town in Alabama. You can hear the gunshots, you can see the muzzle flashes, you can feel the tension in the air.  And if you read closely enough, you can pull a lesson out of an entertaining story; we fall down, but we can get back up again.


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