The Yellow Birds: A Work of Alphanumeric Photography

The Yellow Birds

In his first novel, “The Yellow Birds,” Kevin Powers braves a soldiers tale. It is an unglamorous account of a season in the desert of Al Tafar, about desert sands that will never wash away from a soldier’s skin. It is a story about a soldier named John Bartle and his promise to return fellow soldier, Daniel Murphy to Murphy’s mother safe and sound. John Bartle spends most of his time in the novel regretting that promise.

Kevin’s writing is extremely descriptive. His words take the reader, unfortunately, to battlefields bathed in bullet casings where bodies decay aimlessly in alley ways. The reader can even imagine the harsh, uneven smells, as best as any words or phrases or prose can describe them.  And by the time I finished the book, I had learned a lot about the intricacies of human nature and the harsh realities of confrontation.

“The Yellow Birds” was well written, filled with glowing prose and alphanumeric photography. I took my time and digested the words of this novel. Nevertheless, I finished reading it in two days. #highly-recommended!


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