“14-PAGES” (Coming soon)

14-Pages Ebook Cover

Really looking forward to the release of my new novel “14-Pages.” My wife says she can already see the movie and she’s my TOUGHEST critic.

A nasty divorce is about to destroy Marco and Venice Goldsmith. Bitter arguments, and slammed doors have plagued their three-month long marriage. And when Venice proclaimed her hatred for Marco divorce seemed inevitable. Then a marriage expert named Garfield Moody offers the Goldsmiths a solution to save their marriage: a 14-page contract that includes step by step marriage instructions. Their contract even includes safeguards for noncompliance like “Chill Therapy” and “The Tip-Out Clause.” Everyone thinks the idea is crazy. However, Marco and Venice think it’s just crazy enough to work. Will 14-Pages be enough to save their marriage?


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