“14-PAGES” (a novel): Excerpt

14-Pages Paperback Cover

Excerpt from “14-PAGES” (the novel) ~ coming soon.

Marco did not immediately leave the restaurant. He sat in his Chrysler 300C instead, facing the covered porch in front of the restaurant, allowing the ghosts of the not so distant past to haunt him for a little while.

Venice had just sat down at a round table on the porch. She was sitting alone. The evening sun shaded her honey toned skin at just the right angle, giving her a golden glow that made her appear angelic. She crossed her thick legs and let her left calf bounce with the patting of her foot. Her thighs loosened and tightened under her dress and she looked out at the busy thoroughfare, seemingly unaware of how beautiful she was.

Marco saw her and wondered two things immediately. First he wondered if that flutter in his heart meant that he had fallen in love with her at first sight. Then he wondered why such a beautiful woman was sitting at a table all alone. Right then and there he admitted that he was in love and he decided that he was going to do something about it.

Marco made his way to the table where Venice was sitting, although at that time he didn’t know her name. He played their future conversation in his head.

“Why are you sitting here all alone,” he would ask.
She would smile and reply, “Because I was waiting on you.”
“But you don’t know me.”
“Well, handsome sir, I plan on getting to know you.”

Marco admitted that the conversation would probably not start off exactly like that. He honestly wasn’t sure how it would start. But he hoped that it would end with him getting her phone number, taking her out on a date, and then marrying her and living happily ever after.



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