Marketing is just like Dating

Marketing is a lot like dating. First of all, out of the millions of women in the world, not everyone is going to be attracted to you.  Some women love the svelte and suave while others love the overweight, roughneck. (You may find this surprising, but some women have actually told me that they will only date overweight men). I say that to say this. In marketing, you will not be everything to everyone. You have to find that special someone to whom you are the perfect thing.

So how does it all start in dating?  Well first you have to see her.  Then she has to find you attractive. Well who are you?  Believe it or not, that’s where it starts. It all starts with defining who you are and striving to be the best you you can be. Once you know who you are and the qualities you have to offer, you have a good starting point for finding your potential date.  If you’re religious, you frequent churches. If you like to club, you frequent clubs. You spend your time in the place where you believe your future date will be.  How does this relate to marketing? You have defined your product and you have also defined your target audience. You spend your time where your target audience congregates, where they shop, where they spend leisure time. You place that product or service that was specifically tailored for your audience right where they will see it.

Boy meets girl. Seeing and meeting are two different things. You’ve seen her and you know that you have within you everything to make her life whole and happy. Now you have to introduce yourself. You have to actually meet her. “Hello, my name is…”  She looks at you and she smiles, but is she enamored or amused? How do you look? Are you dressed well? Is your hair combed? Do you have a booger in your nose?  Impressions are everything and you want to impress her with your face and attire.  How is this like marketing? You are the package.  I am a self-publisher so for me I have to put out an outstanding book cover because I want to thoroughly impress my reader. I want my reader to say, “Hmm. Looks interesting. What’s this all about?”

Boy asks girl on a date and girl accepts.  Now is not the time to get nervous. Why should you be nervous? All you’re doing is being yourself. You take this beautiful young woman out on a date and you wow her with wonderful conversation. Not only that, and probably more importantly, you listen to her and do everything you can to get to know her better. You want to be with her for the rest of your life.  How is this like marketing?  You’ve made the sale. You’ve provided the service.  Your reader has propped up her feet, opened your book cover, and delved into your work. You’ve really swept her off of her feet and she feels blessed to have taken such a magnificent journey without even leaving her living room. Then she does what you really hope and pray for and that’s talk to you. She gives her feedback, voices her opinions about how she perceived your work and how it made her feel.  You want that. NO.  You need that because it will make you a better provider and it will enhance your relationship for years to come.

I guess that is how marketing is most like dating. When dating, you hope to find that special someone, that other piece of the puzzle that fits so well with you. Then you hope and pray that she will have you for life.  It is the same in marketing. You hope to connect with your target customer and form that relationship, that bond that will exist for years and years. You will do more than just provide them with a product or service. You will enhance their life for years to come.


Happy Marketing.


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