A Lesson in Bracketology


So my wife filled out a NCAA bracket. She said, “Oh that looks like a nice team, they have a cool mascot. I’ll pick them. But I probably won’t do that well.” I told her that people like her usually do the best. While people like me, who do all the homework, and study, and analyze have the most horrible brackets.

Then my wife said something so phenomenal. She said, “Its only one game. Anything can happen in one game.” We can do all the homework we want to do but if just one guy on the team has a horrible shooting night, it could be disastrous for the rest of the squad.  Or one player, only one player, can decide to put on the superman cloak and rain three-point shots from the heavens.  Just one man on a mission can make a difference on one night.  Perhaps a team could have jet lag.  Maybe the ref makes a bad call.  There are so many variables, countless variables, and they are all thrown in on one night.  And that’s what makes this tourney so volatile and fun to watch.  You can do all the homework you wish and still end up losing it all before the second round is over.  Isn’t that exciting?

Well I’m about to turn in my bracket before the first games. And I promise you this.  This year…I’m not analyzing JACK!

James Fant Books _ Bracket


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