A Tweetable Journey (my review of ENHANCING THE JOURNEY: The Journey Journal by Yvette Wilson Bentley)


The Oxford Dictionaries defines Tweetable as suitable for posting on a social media website.  I say that Yvette Wilson Bentley’s “ENHANCING THE JOURNEY: The Journey Journal ” is tweetable because I found myself constantly stopping to tweet useful information from the book as I read.  ENHANCING THE JOURNEY is a collection of Yvette’s thoughts and experiences written in journal format.   Yvette gives a candid account of the challenges and circumstances that aided in her maturity.  The text is written in a relaxed manner; it is almost like Yvette is just having a good conversation with you, sharing her knowledge in the hopes that you might avoid some of the pitfalls that she has encountered or in the hopes that your life might be much more enjoyable.

There were so many tweetable quotes and if you check my twitter account @jamesfantjr, you’ll see that I tweeted several of them.  No sense in keeping all of that good wisdom to myself, right?  I especially liked one bit of wisdom: a quote from a friend of Yvette’s that she was kind enough to share in her book.  “Honesty without compassion is pure hostility.”  That is so true.  How many times has a brutally honest statement been followed by the disclaimer “I’m just being honest”?  No. You are just being hateful and hurtful.  I learned that the words that we say to others can bring life or usher in death and depression, even if we are speaking the truth.  So I am so grateful that Yvette shared that jewel of wisdom in her book because I am more careful about what I say to people now.

If you are in the mood for a really good inspirational non-fiction read, I suggest you read “ENJOYING THE JOURNEY: The Journey Journal” by Yvette Wilson Bentley.  And then, just like I did, get to tweeting.


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