Rendezvous with a Right Hook (My Review of “Rendezvous with Danger” by Sharon C. Cooper)

Rendezvous with Danger

Sharon C. Cooper writes like a pugilist fights. She sets you up with the jab. Steady. Rhythmic. Solid lefts jabs. And then all of a sudden. BAM! Sharon hits you with a right hook that seemingly comes out of nowhere. It surprises you. She did that with “Blue Roses” so I should have expected the same thing with “Rendezvous with Danger.”

Quinn Hamilton is an Ex-Special Operative. His wife, Alandra, is Ex-CIA. Their occupations prepped them mentally for lives of lies, darkness and deception.  Eventually, their marriage suffers from their occupational hazards and becomes a relationship shrouded in uncertainty. Did Alandra really die in Quinn’s arms? If she did not, why does Quinn believe that she’s dead? Why would Alandra lead him to believe that?

Deception. Drama. Intrigue. “Rendezvous with Danger” has that and more. However, readers have to be ware from the onset. Sharon introduces the story, gives flowing details, creates jovial conversation between Quinn and his friends and then BAM! Jab. Jab. Jab. Right Hook!

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