Who…In The World…Is Kaitlyn Ross? (My Review of “Thin Ice” by KR Bankston)

thin ice

Who…in the world…is Kaitlyn Ross. An easy answer is she is the leading lady in the novel “Thin Ice,”  a serial drama written by KR Bankston. But that really tells us nothing. Kaitlyn, known to some as Kiki, is a very sweet, driven, business-minded young lady. However, she’s hard nosed, ruthless, deadly, cold, and calculating. Her story starts in a night club owned by a man named Ian “Ice” Bailey, a dude that really needs a hug or a role model. Ian is a cold-blooded killer and drug lord and readers can tell from that faithful night at his club that Ian and Kaitlyn’s paths would soon cross. Their drama was not without complication though because two other men were vying for Kaitlyn’s affections: Tariq, who buys drugs from Kaitlyn, and Landon, who wants to marry her and give her a regular life. Life with Tariq or Landon would probably be easier for Kaitlyn. But easy may not be a part of her persona.

KR Banktson did a excellent job writing the first novel in this “Thin Ice” series. There’s action, tension, and suspense. There were several times that I was actually shocked by the way the story unfolded. I said, “I didn’t see that one coming,” on several occasions. Kaitlyn really shocked me once earlier in the novel with interaction with this guy named Evan and that’s when I started asking, “Who in the world is this woman?” I found my answer at the end of the novel. Kaitlyn is a strong woman who really wants love and safety. But she has an edge to her that may not allow her to find either of those things. Will she ever settle down? I’ll have to continue reading the series to see. And I’m definitely going to continue reading.


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