Think and Enjoy


In my opinion, a book should be two things: thought provoking and enjoyable. I enjoyed the opening of “Exorcism at Midnight,” with its descriptive image of an impending storm. It is a storm that is both physical and spiritual as a hurricane looms off the Galveston coast and an evil tempest bears down on the spare bedroom of Rodney Coleman’s Houston home. Readers can see the scary clouds in the sky; perhaps they will even feel the balmy breeze against their skin, even as they read from the safety of their living room. Leander Grogan paints a flowing picture of pain and despair as he sets the tone for the impeding exorcism.

The novel introduces readers to Rodney Coleman, a shadow of a once hulking figure that ran over defenses at Texas A & M.  His physical frailty is clearly evident when Grogan introduces him; however, his spiritual strength increases over the course of the story. His life changes when he meets Yacine, a truly interesting fellow seminary student from Africa. Fate aligned the super intelligent and insightful Yacine with Rodney. Would he be there when Rodney needs him most, when the fate of a loved one’s soul hangs in the balance?

I had a great time reading this novel and I found myself laughing aloud on several occasions. While it was a fun read, several passages made me think deeply about spirituality. We have many questions about cause and effect. We are often quick to spew an answer when faced with a dilemma. But I have found that quick answers are sometimes dangerous, especially for new believers. There is power in the humility of admitting that we don’t know the answer and conceding that we aren’t equipped to handle certain situations alone. The more I read “Exorcism” I realized that I was thinking deeply just as much as I was enjoying a great story.

Leander Grogan is a prolific thinker and a witty story teller. So he naturally delivers a thought provoking and enjoyable read. I also purchased his novel titled “Orange Fingertips” and I look forward to reading and reviewing that novel. If you are looking for a fast paced novel that you will not want to put down, purchase “Exorcism at Midnight.” Then think and enjoy.


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