This Itch is Crazy!!!


What do you do after you read an excellently written, intricately woven novel that entertains you on a level you didn’t know existed? You tell everybody about that novel because it would be wrong to keep that type of treasure all to yourself. “The Seven Year Itch” by S.D. Skye, chronicles the adventures of a F.B.I. Agent named J.J. McCall. Her super power (or super weakness) is the ability to detect lies by an itching sensation in her skin. The bigger the lie, the harder the itch. Her power is helpful for her line of work: counter intelligence. However, her power may be her biggest weakness. She’s lost love because of the itch. Nevertheless, I found J.J.’s trait fascinating and read with excitement as she conversed with other characters. If J.J. itched…uh-oh!!!

In “The Seven Year Itch” McCall hunts a treacherous traitor who’s selling secrets and compromising sources. You travel at high speeds through the streets of Washington D.C., and you sit at the edge of your seat as Skye hits you with twists and turns. Who’s the traitor? I thought I had everything figured out and then Skye threw in a large monkey wrench that sent me reeling. After that, I couldn’t stop reading. I had to know if my suspicions were true. It blew my mind when I found out who the traitor was. Few books actually raise heart rates. “The Seven Year Itch” is one of those books.

I couldn’t keep this great treasure to myself. If you like thrill rides with truly interesting characters, then “The Itch” is for you. I cannot wait to read the follow-up: “Son of a Itch.” I am now a huge fan of S.D. Skye.


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