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When The Past Comes Back to Attack You (My Review of “A Generation of Curses” by Patricia Bridewell and Faatima Albasair-Johnson)

I am convinced that one of the biggest human struggles is trying to exist apart from a horrible past—a past that seems to come back from the annals of time to attack at you. If you’re in that spot, there … Continue reading

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Five Critical Components of Any Successful Novel’s Plot

Originally posted on Creative Writing with the Crimson League:
Today, I wanted to continue my plot series by introducing five of the toughest aspects of plotting. These are things that are rarely, if ever, good to get wrong. They are,…

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Hustling Backwards (A review of “Exodus: A Requiem For Jacob Forlorn” by Lazarus Infinity)

“I use Grammarly for proofreading because typos are my foes.” Have you ever walked backwards for long periods of time? Better yet, have you ever run in reverse with no vision of the obstructions that could surely trip you up? … Continue reading

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