Hustling Backwards (A review of “Exodus: A Requiem For Jacob Forlorn” by Lazarus Infinity)


“I use Grammarly for proofreading because typos are my foes.”

Have you ever walked backwards for long periods of time? Better yet, have you ever run in reverse with no vision of the obstructions that could surely trip you up? Before you deny that  have, think about the times that you allowed the past to preoccupy your thoughts and paralyze your progress. Jacob Forlorn, the protagonist of Lazarus Infinity’s novel “Exodus,”  does just that and jeopardizes life and love in the process.

Against the backdrop of New Orleans, a city steeped in enchantment, Jacob exchanges one toxic romance for another as he falls for an angel named Miranda Waters. Surely she will be a better lover than Indigo, his ex. Pure curiosity of her angelic features peaks his interest. And eventually, the initial crush becomes much more as he beds her constantly. But Miranda comes with baggage. Unfortunately that baggage may be more than Jacob can handle. And ultimately, the romantic struggle coupled with his suffering from  supernatural visions, may lead to his untimely demise.

Lazarus Infinity’s treatment of the main character, Jacob, brings to my mind a fatal flaw owned by many protagonists of tragedies. They allow the past to dictate their direction, so much so, that every relationship is tainted, vocation  unstable, and way clouded with the shroud of uncertainty. Instead of learning from a mistake or longing to take another route, these characters act out the same scenes and repeat in many cases the same sad monologue as the monsters they claim to run from. I felt sorry for Jacob because he put so much stock in the misdeeds of his father that his life was unnecessarily difficult. And if the reader can get to the point where he feels sorry for a fictional character, well the writer has done his job. There were times that I thought the novel could have moved along a little faster, but over all I would say this is a great read.  I look forward to reading more of the author’s work in the future.


James Fant is an author of inspirational romance and suspense. He lives in South Carolina, where the mountains and the beaches have befriended him. His books include:

Fourteen Pages
An Ode for Orchids
Close the Door
The Secret Branch
The Mended Fence


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