Five Critical Components of Any Successful Novel’s Plot

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

fastest-writer-on-the-world-1020206-mToday, I wanted to continue my plot series by introducing five of the toughest aspects of plotting. These are things that are rarely, if ever, good to get wrong. They are, in some ways, the “biggies” of plotting errors.

They’re kind of obvious, but that’s only because they are such “big deals.”

Sometimes these errors are fixable, with a lot of thought and a lot of rewriting. I’ve faced them before, and had to make choices about whether to let a story go, to rewrite everything from the start, or to try to salvage what I could through strenuous editing.

There’s no one right choice when you find out your plot has major issues. It all depends on how invasive the damage is, but even more, it depends on you:

  • How sick you are of the story.
  • How frustrated you feel, and whether starting over or editing the heck out…

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