“I Went In” (A review of the song “Give it All” by Doobie Powell)

I heard this first on YouTube. That first listen led me to buy the entire album “The Time Is Now”. I’ll deal with the album first. The title is so fitting even though it was released in 2009. This type of genius will be relevant hundreds of years from now if the Lord allows the Earth to continue. Doobie Powell’s treatment of chord structure, placement and movement is phenomenal in an era when most cats go for the cookie cutter sound. “Oh everybody’s into this. Let’s make music like this.” But how many times can the same song be recycled before it becomes downright trifling? The Time is Indeed Now. Doobie’s individuality and fingerprint is not only essential for the Body of Christ, but also for music and philosophy as well.

Now, I must deal with this song “Give it All.” WOW! I have listened to it over and over in the past 24 hours and it is so original and thought provoking that I haven’t grown tired of it. In fact, the song in itself has inspired me on a personal and professional level. “Give it to the Lord ’cause he cares for you.” How often do we toil with things that are way above our pay grade and ability to change? Too often. At some point, the test becomes a measurement of our trust in Him. Will we trust God enough to lay the issue at his feet. “In the midst of the storm, He will help you to carry on.” Then Doobie and the choir goes into this rousing vamp where all they’re singing is “Give it all…Oh! Give it all!” And they just repeat this over rhythmic drum rolls, passionate chord changes, and spirited bass guitar runs. Oh my goodness! As the tears flowed and I thought about how powerful the message was and how masterful the music is, I closed my eyes and I thanked God for Doobie Powell. I thanked God because he knows just what you need to hear and see at just the right time.

And so I went in as I heard this song. I went straight into worship mode and I framed my thoughts on the Master of the Universe and how wonderful He is that He would be mindful enough of humans to breath into them genius. I went in. I wanted to stoke my own individuality and spirituality. I went in deep and hard and found the strength to be the best me that I can be. I also reaffirmed the reality that the battle is not, was not, and never will be mine alone. The battle is the Lord’s. If that is what Doobie intended through this ministry, by golly, he accomplished that and then some.


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