Itchy Business (My review of “SON OF A ITCH” by S.D. Skye)



One week after J.J. McCall killed Jake, the double agent and love interest of her most dangerous adversary yet, she jumps right back into the fray on three fronts: threats on her life, a listening device in the worst possible place, and last but not least, a dangerous love triangle that could jeopardize her career.

Lana Michaels is still at large and that poses a serious problem for J.J. and the Bureau because she wants J.J. dead in the worst way. Then J.J.’s task-force makes a harrowing discovery that leads them on a trail of treachery within the White House. All the while, McCall must decide if she will pursue a relationship with her partner Tony Donato, or be dissuaded by her natural ability to detect the lie that he’s telling her. On the whole, J.J. McCall is in the midst of some risky business. Or should I say, itchy business.

I thoroughly enjoyed S.D. Skye’s “SON OF A ITCH.” In her first novel, she took you on a roller-coaster ride. In this novel, she threw you into a whirlwind. Her knowledge of counterintelligence is outstanding; however, she writes in such a way that the reader is never lost in the details. The pacing is incredible. And the twists? This is why I likened the novel to a whirlwind. Skye carefully installed a twist in the end that was so magnificent; I had to read the section again. The most interesting facet of the novel is J.J.’s itching when she hears a lie. The cool thing is the reader knows that a character is lying but doesn’t know initially what he or she is lying about. That aspect adds a level of tension to the story that keeps the reader probing for more. Skye had me with the first novel. She solidified that possession with the second. I’m really looking forward to the third. As a matter of fact, I can’t wait.


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