I haven’t posted anything on the blog in a while because I have been in the lab/cave/bunker/woodshed—all metaphors to illustrate that I have been working on WIPs nonstop. This, I’ve found, can be dangerous. I’ve been so enthralled in work that I may have—hopefully I haven’t—but I may have neglected family. I know that I’ve neglected the gym (shameface!). It’s so easy to do though. With work and running a business, we can get so caught up that we neglect the very things that we’re working so hard for. Basically, I’m churning out words per day but I’m not well-rounded. My prayer is to be well-rounded so that nothing is lacking in my life. So, as I write this post, I come back to the word BALANCE. There’s a time and a season for everything under the sun. Let me find that perfect BALANCE.



Peace and Blessings


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2 Responses to BALANCE

  1. directorb says:

    Great post, you are right on with emphasizing the importance and need for balance.

  2. When I first start writing, I did not have balance. I was so consumed with the stories in my head and getting them out that I neglected what shouldn’t be neglected. I believe I’m more ‘balanced’ now, but now that I know what can happen to me if I allow myself to become consumed, I’m more aware and try to pull myself back.

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