AFTER THE DANCE by Lori Johnson is a flat-out awesome book. Lori wows you first with her style of first person—the hero and heroine tell the story and the chapters are either HIM or HER, depending on who’s talking. And then she hits you upside the head with a storyline that just vacuums into Memphis, Tennessee, where two lovers share what turns out to be much more than a dance.

Carl is a working stiff, trying to maintain with three children (one out of wedlock and adultery), an ex-wife, and child support payments. He’ll be the first to tell you that he’s made a lot of mistakes and you can see this when he opens up to Faye about all of his misgivings. Faye, now she was an onion for all of her layers. She’s hard on the outside, but surprisingly soft on the inside. She has her reasons. The relationship, or rollercoaster ride, takes off when Carl steals her steamy romance and Faye steals his soft porn video. From there, Lori takes the reader on an enjoyable stroll of what ifs and regrets. And at some points, you wonder whether or not Carl and Faye will make it.

I really wish I could give this story more than five stars. I couldn’t put the book down and tweeted about it all the way through the story. Some lines made me shake my head and say, “Wow! Ms. Johnson really gets it when it comes to relationships.” The writing is phenomenal; the story is powerful. And now, I am a huge fan of Lori Johnson forever. I can’t wait to read more of her work.


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