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Excerpt from Book 2 of my upcoming Stephen Stone Trilogy

Clive reached inside his satchel. Stuffed among legal papers, there was a .38 caliber pistol he wasn’t going to use and a pack of Winstons. He retrieved a cigarette and slid the filter between his lips. He lit it, savored … Continue reading

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Another Masterpiece Of course I loved this book. It was written by EJD. Whether in a steamy romance or a comic novel, Eric Jerome Dickey does his thing. His narration is unmistakable. He adds a higher level to the story of … Continue reading

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Let’s love Let’s let the noon sun bake our skin Bathe in the warmth of its amour Let’s lay on fescue drenched in dew And be imbibed in life’s liqueur Let’s love Let’s shower in the waterfall For towels use … Continue reading

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