Another Masterpiece


Of course I loved this book. It was written by EJD. Whether in a steamy romance or a comic novel, Eric Jerome Dickey does his thing. His narration is unmistakable. He adds a higher level to the story of Storm, one of an orphan trying to become a young woman. Dying to become a warrior.

Storm loses her parents and is rescued by Teacher, named for teaching children to be pickpockets and safe crackers. But there’s something different about Ororo. Her white hair. Her blue eyes. Her mastery of the wind and rain, mysteriously tied to her emotions. This part of the story blossoms when she meets Tchalla, the Black Panther. A warrior prince who wants to usher her from the realm of street urchin to womanhood. Of course there’s danger and EJD keeps you on the edge of your seat. The illustration tells ten thousand words and draws the reader into the jungle. Into the war.

EJD is one of my favorite authors and I was glad to find a hard copy of STORM on Amazon. Now, on to the next masterpiece.


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