When the Past Won’t Let You Go


People talk about forgetting the past, moving on—Letting-It-Go. But what if the past won’t let you go? What do you do? For Grace Monroe, heroin of Victoria Christopher Murray’s Truth Be Told, the past is a nasty stain she can’t wipe away no matter what she does professionally, no matter her political strides. The past comes calling and she has no choice but to face it or be destroyed.

Grace seems to be the perfect wife. But as we delve into the novel, we see that she has made a pivotal mistake. She tries to move on but the error rears its head when a woman from her husband’s past returns with a package that won’t allow his history with her to be forgotten. How will Grace handle it?

The novel gives you many real life issues. Grace not only has to deal with the strain of her husband’s past. She also has to deal with her rocky relationship with her sister, Mabel. There’s a little bit of resentment there. Mabel—who has done things quite differently than Grace—seems to be more successful on the surface. The tension causes them to be short with each other. Cold. Distant. Almost condescending. Another past Grace can’t get away from.

As I read the novel, this theme of a nagging past kept appearing. Perhaps the past wouldn’t let go until Grace learned a lesson from it. Like ghosts that can’t rest until they deliver some message. Truth be told, the past, while sometimes painful, is a great educator, a professor providing nuggets for growth. Experience helps  you either excel in an area or avoid making mistakes.

I enjoyed Murray’s treatment of the story, her voice and the way she captured real life.


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