RUN!!! (Review of Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl)


I just finished Gillian Flynn’s “Gone Girl.” It’s like a page from a missing/murdered wife headline. The Laci Peterson story revisited. Several reviewers commented on the craziness of the novel, the sickness of its characters. How they were made for each other—twisted. Some gave one star reviews because of the sick and twisted nature of the novel. Others gave it glowing praise. Love it or hate it, the book had (at the time of this blog) a whopping 24,466 reviews. WOW! I wanted to know what all the hype was about.

The story starts out with a Nick Dunn admiring his wife’s brain. I mean the coils of it. Like he might just open her skull and take a look inside. Sounds sick right? Well, his wife, Amy, is missing. But as the police start their investigation, all the clues point to Nick. There is a very good reason for that. He’s not doing himself any favors as he, in front of all the cameras and beside his missing wife’s photo, does the craziest thing: he smiles. It’s all downhill from there. Did he kill Amy? Or is she just gone?

I loved Gillian Flynn’s free, conversational style. It gave me an idea of who Nick and Amy really were and allowed me to form my own opinion of each of them, you know? Not just be told that Nick is weak and a little disturbing or that Amy has some serious—serious—issues. They spoke through the pages and couldn’t hide who they were. That’s the beauty of first person. My only dislike was the excess profanity. That’s just a personal thing though. An old person, I don’t remember who, told me long ago, “You gotta eat the fish but spit out the bones.” Well there were a lot of bones in this fish. It was like carp. Other than that, I loved the novel and look forward to Ben Affleck’s portrayal of Nick.

“Gone Girl” made me consider toxic relationships and if you’ve never been in one then God bless you. Imagine being with someone that you can’t really close your eyes around. Being intimately involved with a crazy person, or to be nice, a person who lives on the outskirts of a town called reality. The thing about it is, there are all sorts of telltale signs that the person you’re getting involved with is emotionally challenged and I think that either Amy or Nick (I won’t say which because I don’t want to spoil the ending) chose to ignore those signs. Should you see them, the signs that an interested person is a little off, run! Pray that they get it together. But by all means, pray while you’re running.


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