Simon’s Splinter by James Fant

Check out this review of my new novel, SIMON’S SPLINTER.


simon      Simon’s Splinter is an intriguing title, and it only begins to hint at the inspiring fantasy that awaits readers of the book.

It’s a love story with a decidedly unique twist. Owen Graham (known as Graham) and his girlfriend Aisha have been in a relationship for 5 years and are living together. Graham’s not in favor of marriage because he’s seen too many end unhappily. He’s also not a religious man, as opposed to Aisha, whose faith is strong. Aisha has insisted all along that she’s fine with their differences…until now.

When members of her family come to visit, she confides in her grandmother Jaddah that she really does want more – she wants marriage and quite likely children, as well. Jaddah reveals a powerful family secret about who the family is descended from. It revolves around an item she’s brought with her – a wooden splinter encased in…

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