Aw Man, I Loved This Book

forevermanTHE FOREVER MAN was a psychedelic trip through the boroughs at light speed. The novel follows Willie Bishop, AKA the MD, a hit man who’s given his share of pain to people and perhaps, because of that, has dealt a little of that pain right back to him because of all the love his lost. He runs into a spunky 13 year old who’s 1 month pregnant…and then miraculously 9 months pregnant in a matter of hours. He also runs into a cadre of superhuman killers who want to make his forever go away. The fight scenes are horrific, graphic and grab you–putting you right there in the thick of things. You can almost feel Willie dying, over and over and over, in various and elegant ways. And all the way through the novel, you’re rooting for the MD to save the day and stop the bad guys. Aw man, I loved this book. I’m definitely going to read it again. It reminds me of that block buster you see at the movies that knocks your socks off. After you watch it once and sit through the credits, you go back to the counter and buy another ticket…so you can get your socks knocked off again.


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