The Sum of Our Experiences

Are our experiences designed to shape us and make us who we are? Or is it just time and chance that happen to everyone? I say both. If we’re wise, we use our experiences in a positive way as learning tools to make better decisions moving forward. I don’t know…just thinking out loud (or actually silently as I typed all of this and didn’t utter a word while I typed).

For me, as a writer, I soak up everything and try to jot it on paper. However, I don’t just regurgitate what I’ve seen and heard. I talk about how those things made me feel. How those things either inspired me or discouraged me. Thus, I novelize those experiences instead of merely reporting them (is “novelize” a word?).

So how do you use your experiences? Do you learn from them? Blog about them? Write bestsellers based on them? Make blockbusters? Write Billboard Number One hits? Or do you not use them at all?


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One Response to The Sum of Our Experiences

  1. I write about them intentionally and sometimes they leak into my writing. Almost like an actor, I pull on my experiences to express how a character feels. Novelize could be a word, but either way I collect my experiences and call upon them when I write.

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