LOL For Real!

family thangI could start this review about the importance of family, or its dynamics, or the history that creeps up and causes dissension. This book speaks to all of those things. But I chose to focus of the attribute I enjoyed most about James Henderson’s FAMILY THANG: it’s humor. Laughter doeth like a good medicine. That’s Bible and so true. When you laugh, your body releases feel good endorphins that aid healing and repair, remove toxins caused by stress. But aside from all the technical, scientific jargon, laughter just makes you feel good. And FAMILY THANG had me rolling from cover to cover (Or location to location as I read the eBook version of the novel).

Set in an Arkansas town so small it’s lone law enforcer is one Sheriff (I still laugh about that polygraph machine scene) the story starts with a funeral for a man and his dog. You heard me right…his dog. Henderson begins off with the hilarity of that little casket. From there, we find out there’s a murder to investigate–a real whodunit. Who stood the most to gain by a patriarch’s death? For which family member did the poisoning of the patriarch make the most sense?

The weaving this tale deals with serious family issues in such a light and hearty way that you can’t help but see your own people in the book. And situations once thought dire, you can just laugh at. Let them roll down the shoulder like rain water. So if you need a good laugh, or a lighter look at the drama of your own family, please read FAMILY THANG by James Henderson. But beware. This book will have you laughing in public and looking crazy. A lot of people end their social media conversation with LOL when I wonder if they’re really laughing. I titled this post LOL For real because this novel gives greater meaning to the phrase Laugh Out Loud.


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