Love Jumped Out At Me


“A Woman’s Worth (The Stafford Brothers) (Volume 1)” by Chicki Brown inspired my realization that love has nothing to do with feelings. The novel is about a woman with cancer. Her ex-fiance bailed on her because of it but the new man in her life said, “I don’t care about the cancer. Whether it’s here or not, I want you!” So I had to share my thoughts because people get it twisted thinking love is an emotion or a feeling. It has nothing to do with either. Love doesn’t care what’s going on. Love just is.

What jumped out most for me from the novel was Marc’s love for Gianne. From first glance, beyond her frailty he saw the pearl in her. And I think that love surpassed mere physical attraction and went into the realm of the supernatural. She pulled on him like gravity. Tugged at his heart. He wouldn’t be like Bruce, the one than ran away from her diagnosis. No, he said, “Let me take care of you.” I fully believe it was that love that strengthened her and in turn himself. I highlighted many of the novel’s passages because they were edifying (teaching about love and its priceless nature) and educational (so much information on vegan raw eating…even recipes).

I loved this novel and I’m looking forward to reading book 2.


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