One Day Read


This novel is so fast paced I read it in one day. No dry spots. Lots of relatable issues. Also, I loved the way the characters (or Eric Jerome Dickey) hipped me to new books and authors, like Paulo Coelho’s THE ALCHEMIST, which many of my Goodreads friends have read and reviewed. I’ve added it to my TBR pile.

In CHASING DESTINY, Billie plays the beautiful and sassy Ducati rider with a leather jacket to match her bike and beauty and sexiness to match its body. She has many suitors in the novel but none more complex and problematic than Keith, a man with two degrees, no job or money, and a baby mother from Hell. Can Billie ride away from all of these issues? Does she even want to?

As always, Eric Jerome Dickey entertains with eloquent and hip style. The thing about great authors (and EJD is one of my favorite) is that they share with you their intelligence. You read and learn about artistic preferences and you may even get a glimpse into what they were thinking about the world during the time they were writing. A good author of fiction informs you about much more than just make believe. You get insight into current events (at least events that were current at the time of writing). You are educated, entertained and inspired. Just like all the other EJD novels I’ve read (and re-read), CHASING DESTINY was educational, entertaining and inspiration. It stretched my imagination and my intelligence.


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  1. I just completed Thieves’ Paradise and I get the same impression that the book marks the times. TP was published in 2002 and brought back memories of that time with pagers, effects of 9/11, and cassettes. So he’s one of your favorite?

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