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Dark Genesis by AD Koboah (Book Review)

DARK GENESIS is a phenomenal novel! I don’t know if I can properly put into words how greatly I enjoyed it. I stopped mid-read and in-boxed the author, AD Koboah, to tell her how outstanding the story was. How the … Continue reading

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Can a man and a woman be best friends without somebody catching feelings?

COED (a novel) available 2/14/17 …

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The Gangster, Joseph

Originally posted on James Fant Books:
Dennis Lehane puts a pleasant spin on the gritty gangster in his novel “Live by Night.” Joe Coughlin plays the smart and guarded outlaw that doesn’t want anyone to call him “Joseph”. That right…

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A Grown Folks Novel

  Chance Michaels’ husband leaves her for another woman, in quite an embarrassing fashion. Then Aiden Scott enters the picture and immediately throws his hat in the ring. I do mean immediately. The novel starts out hot and heavy and … Continue reading

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20 Ways to Get Yourself Out There as a Writer

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Kelly D. Smith 1. Get out there! Meet people, and don’t be scared to say you are a writer. 2. Blog- now, is blogging really worth it? I’m not sure, I’m…

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The Kingdom: Eloquently Rediscovered

Enter the Kingdom. Seek first the Kingdom. Several parables about the Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is at hand. All  of these phrases are emphasized in scripture and Myles Monroe’s REDISCOVERING THE KINGDOM is just a reminder of the message … Continue reading

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