A Grown Folks Novel


Chance Michaels’ husband leaves her for another woman, in quite an embarrassing fashion. Then Aiden Scott enters the picture and immediately throws his hat in the ring. I do mean immediately. The novel starts out hot and heavy and the author wastes no time with the erotica. The first chapter gets the room steamy and the next few chapters stay on that same vibe. So if super sensual is your thing, then this novel is for you. It’s a grown folks story. Definitely not for virgin ears. And though I’m not that big of an erotica, I can appreciate how the author just jumped right into the story.

The problem for me, was that sex made up the bulk of the novel. Sure, it dealt with Chance’s screwed up marriage. And yes, it delved into the tension between Aiden and Chance’s ex-husband, Ryan. But for the most part, the novel was about the sexcapades of Chance and Aiden. If that’s your cup of tea, cool. It just wasn’t mine.

My main LIKE was the verbal foreplay between Chance and Aiden. There were a few lines in there I could probably use on my wife. My main DISLIKE was the way the author sometimes told instead of showed (e.g. a face that expressed shock instead of wide eyes, a raised brow and a dropped jaw). What I LOVED about the novel was the wise words from Aiden’s father about building a kingdom. About doing the work. I highlighted that statement and plan on reading it again from time to time as I strive to build my own kingdom as a businessman.

I gave this novel 3.5 stars. Because while it had an extremely erotic nature, it did have some nuggets that I thoroughly enjoyed.


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