Would You Be Cool if Your Spouse’s Best Friend Was of the Opposite Sex?

I just asked my wife, “Would you be cool with me having a best friend who was a woman?”

Without hesitation she said, “No, I would not be cool with that.”

I feel the same way. Why did I even ask? Well, there’s a section in the novel COED where Sade is having an argument with her boyfriend, Ken, because of her friendship with Travis. Ken isn’t having it. He doesn’t believe that Travis is only interested in a platonic relationship with Sade.

“I don’t trust the guy,” Ken says. “That ‘just friend’ crap, I don’t buy for a minute.”

To me, Ken’s concerns are warranted, especially with what happens in the novel after Sade and Travis become roommates. If my wife had a male best friend, even though I trust her implicitly and I’m secure in our relationship, I wouldn’t be happy about it. I couldn’t see her having a close friendship with another dude. That’s just me. Amazingly enough, most of the folks I’ve asked don’t see anything wrong with it. Especially the ladies I’ve asked. Some attest that they have close male friends and there’s no danger of something sexual happening. I was actually shocked by that response.

As for me and my lady, we’re not having it. In the novel, Ken definitely isn’t having it. What’s your opinion?


James Fant is the author of the upcoming novel, COEDAvailable 2/14/17. Get it via Pre-Order right now!



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