First, Second and Third Times a Charm – Review of PERNICIOUS by James Henderson


PERNICIOUS is my third James Henderson novel and third time is a charm. But the first and second times were charms also. Dude is a beast on pen and paper or keyboard keys or however he writes his masteries. His stories are funny as all get out! And even though hilarious and wildly entertaining, they always hit home and touch on very serious subjects.

In PERNICIOUS, Perry is this blazing woman with green eyes and a body to kill for. Trouble is, she’s using that body to actually do the killing. Soon, suspicions hit the doorstep of homicide detective Tasha Montgomery, a strong and very likable character. Tasha and Perry enter a power struggle that will eventually involve the endangerment of Tasha’s loved ones. Will Tasha be able to prove that Perry is a she-devil before it’s too late? Before she loses the people she loves?

Mr. Henderson, as always, develops characters that you can see in your mind easily and identify with. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that Perry was a cold-blooded killer and that she’d risk any and every to get what she wanted. I knew that Tasha was a complex soul, struggling to raise a son with little help from her lame ex-husband Neal, struggling against the stereotypes and the assumptions that surely she couldn’t be a good detective because she was a black woman. The characters were real so they made the story authentic.

And if you want to laugh in public and have people looking at you like you’ve lost your mind, then this novel is for you. The ending hints at a subsequent novel. I need to have that novel in my life soon and very soon.

If you haven’t read a James Henderson novel, do yourself a favor and pick one up today.


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2 Responses to First, Second and Third Times a Charm – Review of PERNICIOUS by James Henderson

  1. Diana says:

    Great review. I like the thriller part of this since that is my favorite genre. Its interesting that the book still remains such a good read even if the identity of the villain is known. The characterization also sounds great!

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