I Loved This Novel!!!

My Review of Michelle Stimpson’s WHO KILLED MY HUSBAND

I loved this novel! The way Michelle goes from point A to B to C without much flashback, which I’m starting to think drags a story down. I enjoyed the way she built the plot, placed all the pieces of evidence in front of you and had you wondering until the very end who killed Allan Crandall. Was it his wife, Ashley? The man he owes money to? Or someone else? This was a page-turning, bite-size read that sucked me in from the start.

Characters were well developed. Although, at the beginning, I disliked Ashley for seemingly wanting to change Allan’s ways. For trying to be his super-saved savior. I thought initially if this keeps up, I’m not going to be able to finish the book. But Michelle quickly brings out Ashley’s true nature. Yes, she wants Allan to be saved, just as she was recently. But she is still flawed and in need of rescuing herself. Also, I wondered why Ashley would marry a man so different from her. But they weren’t always different. A loss brought her closer to God and she wanted to share that beauty with her husband. Would he ever accept it?

You will enjoy this book if you like quick, exciting and fast-paced reads. Here’s the Goodreads link. Check it out! It’s definitely a good read!


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