Happy COED Day!!!

​Happy COED DAY!!! 

(Doesn’t he mean Valentine’s Day?)

Nope! It’s COED Day and the novel is available right now!


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Would You Be Cool if Your Spouse’s Best Friend Was of the Opposite Sex?

I just asked my wife, “Would you be cool with me having a best friend who was a woman?”

Without hesitation she said, “No, I would not be cool with that.”

I feel the same way. Why did I even ask? Well, there’s a section in the novel COED where Sade is having an argument with her boyfriend, Ken, because of her friendship with Travis. Ken isn’t having it. He doesn’t believe that Travis is only interested in a platonic relationship with Sade.

“I don’t trust the guy,” Ken says. “That ‘just friend’ crap, I don’t buy for a minute.”

To me, Ken’s concerns are warranted, especially with what happens in the novel after Sade and Travis become roommates. If my wife had a male best friend, even though I trust her implicitly and I’m secure in our relationship, I wouldn’t be happy about it. I couldn’t see her having a close friendship with another dude. That’s just me. Amazingly enough, most of the folks I’ve asked don’t see anything wrong with it. Especially the ladies I’ve asked. Some attest that they have close male friends and there’s no danger of something sexual happening. I was actually shocked by that response.

As for me and my lady, we’re not having it. In the novel, Ken definitely isn’t having it. What’s your opinion?


James Fant is the author of the upcoming novel, COEDAvailable 2/14/17. Get it via Pre-Order right now!


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Dark Genesis by AD Koboah (Book Review)


DARK GENESIS is a phenomenal novel! I don’t know if I can properly put into words how greatly I enjoyed it. I stopped mid-read and in-boxed the author, AD Koboah, to tell her how outstanding the story was. How the writing just sucked me in. I cannot do AD a disservice by not sharing that with you.

The story is of Luna, a beautiful young woman unfortunately in bondage. She’s abused at the most heinous level imaginable but she’s much too strong to let that break her. In fact, while looking at a reflection of her beauty in a brook, she decides that she will take a sharp rock and mar that pretty thing that makes her the unfortunate object of the slave master’s affections. Then something, some force, stays her hand and she’s nowhere near that brook. What happened?

Well, Avery happened. He appears first as a strong feeling. Something invisible and bad that raises the hairs on the back of your neck. When he presents himself, Luna calls him a demon. He’s a monster. He has to be because he nearly kills the plantation master by–wait for it–draining him of blood. So this is a vampire tale, but unlike any I’ve witnessed. Because it turns out Avery is much more than just a demon. He is a beautiful soul and perhaps Luna’s soulmate. But there are dark forces at work that aim to tear their tender love to shreds before it gets started. Will they survive those forces? Can they survive each other?

Wow!!! Dark Genesis is so descriptively written that I could feel myself being wrapped in the prose, drawn deep into the story. I wanted to fight Masters John and Henry. But I laughed and my heart was warmed by the witty and romantic banter that developed between Luna and Avery. They argued like an old married couple and of course, there were steamy scenes so eloquently and tastefully written that I had to snap my fingers. And at the end of the novel, I craved more of this story and AD Koboah didn’t disappoint because there’s a sneak peak of book 2, RISING DARK. You know I gotta read that one, too, as well as the third installment, DARK REQUIEM.

HEY! Stop playing around and read this book!

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Can a man and a woman be best friends without somebody catching feelings?


COED (a novel) available 2/14/17

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The Gangster, Joseph

Yes! On the eve of the motion picture version of the Novel “Live By Night”, I decided to reblog my review of the novel. Man, I loved it! And can’t wait to see the movie.

James Fant Books


Dennis Lehane puts a pleasant spin on the gritty gangster in his novel “Live by Night.” Joe Coughlin plays the smart and guarded outlaw that doesn’t want anyone to call him “Joseph”. That right and privilege is reserved for his father, with whom he has a strained relationship burdened by the ghosts of things undone and conversations had too late. Nevertheless, acquaintances want to call him Joseph—the gangster, Maso, the Cuban goddess, Graciela—all want Joe to be Joseph. Perhaps they know on some spiritual level that he’s more than a one syllable diminutive. Rather, they realize that Joseph will do what his name means in the Hebrew—he will add. Throughout the novel, Joseph Coughlin added his quick wit and charm to a mixture of thievery and debauchery, slipping several times from the grips of danger and moving with great pomp to a position of power. Ultimately, Coughlin made his abode…

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A Grown Folks Novel


Chance Michaels’ husband leaves her for another woman, in quite an embarrassing fashion. Then Aiden Scott enters the picture and immediately throws his hat in the ring. I do mean immediately. The novel starts out hot and heavy and the author wastes no time with the erotica. The first chapter gets the room steamy and the next few chapters stay on that same vibe. So if super sensual is your thing, then this novel is for you. It’s a grown folks story. Definitely not for virgin ears. And though I’m not that big of an erotica, I can appreciate how the author just jumped right into the story.

The problem for me, was that sex made up the bulk of the novel. Sure, it dealt with Chance’s screwed up marriage. And yes, it delved into the tension between Aiden and Chance’s ex-husband, Ryan. But for the most part, the novel was about the sexcapades of Chance and Aiden. If that’s your cup of tea, cool. It just wasn’t mine.

My main LIKE was the verbal foreplay between Chance and Aiden. There were a few lines in there I could probably use on my wife. My main DISLIKE was the way the author sometimes told instead of showed (e.g. a face that expressed shock instead of wide eyes, a raised brow and a dropped jaw). What I LOVED about the novel was the wise words from Aiden’s father about building a kingdom. About doing the work. I highlighted that statement and plan on reading it again from time to time as I strive to build my own kingdom as a businessman.

I gave this novel 3.5 stars. Because while it had an extremely erotic nature, it did have some nuggets that I thoroughly enjoyed.

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20 Ways to Get Yourself Out There as a Writer

Great tips on getting out there as a writer. Enjoy!

A Writer's Path


by Kelly D. Smith

1. Get out there! Meet people, and don’t be scared to say you are a writer.

2. Blog- now, is blogging really worth it? I’m not sure, I’m actually going to be talking about that soon but I enjoy it!

3. Guest blog, because really if you’re going to do it why not start with someone else’s hard work?!

4. Make sure you have your books on your blog, website, Facebook, and anywhere else!

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