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Fact and Fiction

I write fiction. And fiction isn’t fact. But I still want my writing to be authentic. Especially now that I’m writing historical fiction, writing a novel surrounded by accounts that actually happened. Take for instance one of my favorite historical … Continue reading

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The History and Psychology of an Awesome Novel

Outstanding. Magnificent. Marvelous. Superb! All the adjectives I’d attach to The Loom by Shella Gillus. This book had me stopping mid read to tweet about a gripping passage or just about how a certain scene sparked emotion. I immediately went … Continue reading

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Where Is Home? (My review of Toni Morrison’s “Home”)

Where is home? And how do you find it without knowing what it looks like? For a man named Frank Money, finding home was a journey to a distant country, a place where he was hated and hunted, a return … Continue reading

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Stephen King’s Time Machine

The novel 11/22/63 is really a hand held time machine that Stephen King uses to immerse readers in a world where words written on paper or displayed on touch screens transform into lively surroundings and unforgettable characters.  I will never … Continue reading

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