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I Loved This Novel!!!

My Review of Michelle Stimpson’s WHO KILLED MY HUSBAND I loved this novel! The way Michelle goes from point A to B to C without much flashback, which I’m starting to think drags a story down. I enjoyed the way … Continue reading

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When the Past Won’t Let You Go

People talk about forgetting the past, moving on—Letting-It-Go. But what if the past won’t let you go? What do you do? For Grace Monroe, heroin of Victoria Christopher Murray’s Truth Be Told, the past is a nasty stain she can’t … Continue reading

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SIMON’S SPLINTER (A Romance) 11/28/14

For Owen Graham, cohabitation was not about convenience, was not a test drive, nor a question of buying the cow when the milk was free; in fact, the choice had nothing to do with livestock or dairy. He avoided marriage … Continue reading

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I Only Have Ears for You


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“Fourteen Pages” (a novel by James Fant)

For Marco and Venice Goldsmith, happily ever after needed serious help.

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“14-Pages” (A Novel) [Chapters 1 & 2]

The novel “14-Pages” will be released soon.  So I decided to post a snippet/sneak preview.  You’ll find Chapters 1 & 2 of the novel below. Enjoy! James Fant       http://www.jamesfantbooks.com Chapter 1   It was a cold and stormy January night … Continue reading

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Does Friendship Matter in Marriage?

Who are Marco and Venice Goldsmith?  Well they are a Master Chef and Ophthalmologist, respectively, who spawned a love affair that eventually led them down the aisle, to the altar, and over the marriage broom.  Soon after, however, their happily … Continue reading

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