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On Labor Day, 2001, Dallas Amderson is invited to a cookout by his best friend. The next day, his friend his killed by a car. During the week that follows, Dallas falls in love with his best friend’s sister. On … Continue reading

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12 Sentence Sunday (12 sentences from “An Ode for Orchids”

Heaven. Cicely was there as she rested next to Vincent Mann on sweat-dampened Egyptian cotton sheets. Heady. That was the feeling Cicely felt as Vincent Mann sexed her with animalistic passion. Harlot. Cicely‚Äôs promiscuity and pilfering of seeds that rightly … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “An Ode for Orchids.” The upcoming novel by James Fant

Karen returned to her apartment to find Cicely lounging on her couch. Cicely had put on a pair of tattered blue jeans, a wife beater tee, and a pair of Air Force Ones. Her feet were propped up and she … Continue reading

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