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Aries Nox Dawson is Taking Over!

Hey say, what’s happening? I’m Aries Nox Dawson and yeah, I hacked James Fant’s page. Ole boy left me no choice. He been saying he’s gonna put out the novels about me and he ain’t done it yet. I’ve tried … Continue reading

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A Perfect Appetizer: Review of The Perfect Crime: An Asher Benson Short Story

What did I think? I thought it was awesome! THE PERFECT CRIME, by Jason Brant, is a short story that occurs between books 1 and 2 of his Asher Benson series. Asher was just as witty and tough in this … Continue reading

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VAPOR (a short story by James Fant)

  The fog just happened.  A carpet of cool, white vapor uncoiled and corralled the trees, soil, and concrete.  A cloud seemingly descended upon Beaufain Street.  It was eerie how it crept and oozed into every nook, cranny, crack and … Continue reading

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“Mastering the Madness” (Short Story Excerpt)

Predicting a perfect NCAA Tournament bracket is nearly impossible, unless you are Holmes Bernard. Now wealthy CEOs, government officials, and cold-blooded gangsters all want the software that Holmes created to predict the perfect bracket. But the surprise he has for … Continue reading

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Excerpt from “The Mended Fence” by James Fant

Grey’s brow was raised as he made his way to the front porch. Buzzed, yet collected, he connected with the front steps. And that’s when he heard it. “Oooooooh.” Moans coming from the other side of the front door. “Oooooh, … Continue reading

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