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Today, I have the great pleasure of spotlighting the work of prolific author,  Chicki Brown. “Born to be Wild: Book One in the Lake Series” is available now! Blurb: A quiet bookworm, Tangela Holloway has always been content working at … Continue reading

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First, Second and Third Times a Charm – Review of PERNICIOUS by James Henderson

PERNICIOUS is my third James Henderson novel and third time is a charm. But the first and second times were charms also. Dude is a beast on pen and paper or keyboard keys or however he writes his masteries. His … Continue reading

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Can a man and a woman be best friends without somebody catching feelings?

COED (a novel) available 2/14/17 https://www.amazon.com/COED-James-Fant-ebook/dp/B01N9SH36I/ …

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Excerpt from Book 2 of my upcoming Stephen Stone Trilogy

Clive reached inside his satchel. Stuffed among legal papers, there was a .38 caliber pistol he wasn’t going to use and a pack of Winstons. He retrieved a cigarette and slid the filter between his lips. He lit it, savored … Continue reading

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Let’s love Let’s let the noon sun bake our skin Bathe in the warmth of its amour Let’s lay on fescue drenched in dew And be imbibed in life’s liqueur Let’s love Let’s shower in the waterfall For towels use … Continue reading

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Write while you wait in traffic…that’s if you’re on a bus or in a taxi and you are not driving.

I’ve been on crowded flights. I’ve survived crowded bus rides in stifling heat. I’ve experienced traffic that oozed like molasses. And in each scenario, time crept slowly as if I was trapped in some torture chamber. My mood was ruined. … Continue reading

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I am a Poet… (by Dawn L Forte’)

Words… Flowing from my soul… through my heart… and out of my lips… I’m often mesmerized by their meaning… their intensity… their strength… Thoughts… Manifested from actions… Often graphic and enticing… The seed to our words… Unable to be controlled… … Continue reading

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